Top Rawbar hemp distillates to try today

By Alex Jun3,2024

Dr Ganja brings users some amazing hemp distillates to experience the full benefits and effects. In house brand, Rawbar features tons of distillates to try from. Ranging from raw distillate THCA blends to CBD and HHC distillates, a ton of cannabinoid blends and potency profiles are available. So, if this is your first time dabbing into the world of hemp distillates, this guide should be useful for you. Here is everything you need to know.

Delta 8 THC distillate 

If you are in the mood for a euphoric kick, start off the checklist with the Delta 8 THC distillate. Pure and potent, this distillate packs in 28 grams of pure delta 8 oil. The product is third party tested for purity and potency. Delta 8 is often termed as the milder cousin to Delta 9 and pure doses of Delta 8 are perfect for a balanced high. This line up has several notable strain choices to choose from, including Blueberry Diesel delta 8 THC distillate, Hawaiian Punch delta 8 distillate, Mars OG Delta 8 THC distillate, and more. So, there is always a fun strain choice for you. Plus, this is also an unterped version of this for more of the original hemp taste, if you are a fan of it.

THCA Diamond Distillate 14 g

High quality THCA oil along with other trace cannabinoids like CBG, CBC, and CBN make up the majority of this distillate blend from Dr Ganja’s Rawbar lineup. Fun strain options are available with Diamond Distillates, most notably Mendo Brath Diamond Distillate, Ghost Train Haze Diamond Distillate, Rainbow Sherbet Diamond Distillate, and more. An unterped version is also available with this lineup if you are so inclined. Each version comes with high potency, with an average potency of over 90 percent throughout the THCA Diamond Distillate lineup.

HHC Distillate 14 g

HHC offers quite the balanced effects when consumed and is one of the latest cannabinoids to hit the market. Rawbar’s pure HHC distillate is going to be the perfect product to give you all the goodness of this compound. A full spectrum product with around 89 percent potency, the majority of the concentration is attributed to HHC, while CBN can also be found in very trace amounts for that rounded off experience. Like most other products from the Rawbar lineup, you also get a ton of strain choices with HHC distillates along with the unterped version. Some of our favorite strain options for these HHC distillates include the Strawberry Diesel HHC distillate, Ice Cream Cake HHC distillate, Panama Red HHC distillate, and more. The product comes in a similar 14 gram jar.

What to keep in mind when using distillates?

Rawbar Distillates are sourced from legal hemp and these creative formulations come with all kinds of cannabinoid blends. And since these are extracted for the most purity and potency, these products are created to offer the strongest highs. Here is what to remember when using these distillates from Dr Ganja.

Super potency

Like we discussed, these products are going to be super potent and are not at all recommended for beginners. Boasting potencies in the over 90 percent region, Rawbar distillates should be used with caution.

Make sure that you always start with a very low dose before consuming more. Overconsumption can lead to side effects and make you very uncomfortable. 

Store with caution

Hemp distillates must be stored properly to maintain their potency over a longer period of time. This means, after use, store these products in a cool and dark place since heat and sunlight can cause the cannabinoids to degrade. Also, it is very important to keep these products away from pets and children, as accidental ingestion can cause adverse health effects.

Rawbar Distillates and using them

Rawbar Distillates shine when it comes to versatility in use. As there are plenty of ways to consume these wonderful products, users can smoke, vape, or even consume them orally. Here’s how.


Start by adding the desired amount of distillate to your vaporizer and activating the device. The atomizer inside the device will cause the oil to turn into an aerosol, which makes inhaling it from the mouthpiece quite easy. Make sure your vaping device is wax or oil compatible and not a dry herb vaporizer.


Add a small drop of the distillate to your joints or blunts for maximum effects. Light up to the euphoric kick with Rawber Distillates. You can also add some to your bong before smoking. 

Edibles and drinks

Rawbar Distillates can also be used to make edibles and drinks. Add a few drops to your cooking recipe or to your favorite drinks for maximum effects while skipping the harsh taste of hemp products. Do note that you would want the unterped distillates for this purpose for the best experience.

It is very much evident that these distillates are quite versatile when it comes to using them, which has therefore have garnered a lot of fans among enthusiasts or those looking to induct hemp wellness into their lives. 

Overall, Dr Ganja’s Rawbar lineup features some amazing distillates for you to choose from. And with hefty doses of cannabinoid delights like HHC, delta 8, and more, these products are winning hearts all over. Made with all the right ingredients and no pesticides or heavy metals, each product in the lineup is accompanied by a certificate of analysis from third party labs to verify all the claims of potency and purity. These documents are available on the online store.

Top tier hemp extracts, a variety of strain choices, as well as pure unterped versions, these distillates are the perfect potent fix for your cannabis needs. Plus, being super versatile means that you also have the flexibility on how to consume it. It is a win for all users. So, do not wait. Give these amazing Rawbar distillates a try today and find the right one for your needs.

By Alex

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