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By Junaid Ashraf Jul7,2024

CARPET CLEANING IN Tauranga, New Zealand

For years, Epic Cleaning has been raising carpet cleaning to a professional level. Our specialists carry out residential and commercial cleaning of carpets of all types. Contact us to take advantage of current promotions.

We clean all types of carpets, as well as leather and fabric living room furniture. With our powerful factory trucks, we are the cleaning experts in Tauranga. 


Knowing how to clean your carpet is an essential task to keep your interior clean and welcoming. Carpet—this soft and comfortable covering—can become a nest for particles, dust, grease stains, and even bad odors. To keep the carpet fibers in good condition and ensure impeccable cleanliness, it is crucial to carry out regular and proper cleaning that our specialists have known by heart for 30 years.

Before cleaning, it is important to know the type of fibers in your carpet or rug, as cleaning all types of carpets varies. Regular vacuuming is the first step to removing dust and surface particles. As for damp cleaning, although effective for deep cleaning carpets, it requires careful drying to avoid residual moisture that can damage the carpet fibers.

For cleaning the most stubborn and dirty carpet, a vacuum cleaner is not enough.

Dry cleaning, baking soda, steam cleaning, or white vinegar treatment to remove stains? The options are numerous, and Epic Cleaning Experts is here to help you, depending on your particular floor covering. 

Removing stains from the carpet requires special attention. Use carpet-specific cleaning products to treat stains. If a spill occurs, first absorb the liquid with a dry cloth before applying the stain remover, always testing on an inconspicuous area first.

The frequency with which the carpet is used dictates the cleaning schedule required. High-traffic areas require more regular attention. It is advisable to use specific carpet products that are gentle on the fibers and provide effective cleaning. For a deeper clean, professional carpet cleaning services are recommended, especially for high-traffic carpets or for occasional deeper cleaning.

Cleaning your carpet regularly not only preserves its appearance and longevity but also contributes to a healthy indoor environment. Maintaining your carpet also prevents infestations and maintains optimal indoor air quality. For wet or dry carpet cleaning, choose the method that is best suited to the nature of your carpet and how often it is used. If your carpet needs special attention or if you are looking to clean rugs and carpets without compromising their integrity, consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner to ensure optimal results.


Before carpet cleaning Tauranga, we carry out a thorough inspection of your carpet to detect the different types of stains embedded in it.

It is very important to take into consideration that each stain must be treated in a particular way and that only a professional who has seen many others can choose the right cleaning product for the right type of stain.


E-pic cleaning Residential carpet cleaning services are tailored to the diverse needs encountered in homes and apartments. We perform both home carpet cleaning (wall-to-wall carpets) and area rug cleaning (decorative carpets).

Our residential clientele often consists of people with children or pets, as well as seniors, so we use non-toxic cleaning products.

Our products, such as enzymes, are safe for health while being effective in eliminating food dirt, dust mites, or even allergens caused by pets.


We also clean decorative wool rugs and carpets at home or in the workshop. Our decorative rug cleaning processes are effective and safe for delicate colors.


We also work on Saturdays to accommodate customers who are not available during the week. We offer a “turnkey” carpet cleaning service: you don’t have to do anything; we will move and replace all the furniture during the job.

Cleaning Fabric and Leather Furniture

We offer the best in-home sofa cleaning service available. With our truckloads and expertise, you get the best cleaning every time. To learn more, visit our pages on sofa cleaning and couch cleaning. Plus, let us clean your leather sofa for impeccable results.

Commercial Carpet and Rug Cleaning

Our powerful truck-mounted equipment and portable equipment allow us to clean carpets in all types of buildings, whether on the terrace level or the twentieth floor. To learn more, visit our main page on carpet cleaning.

We use commercial carpet cleaning products designed for embedded dirt in high-traffic areas, including shoes and often even boots, of course.

Products are sprayed on before steam extraction cleaning and brushed on for faster, deeper action.

A few minutes later, when we proceed with the actual steam cleaning, the already-dissolved dirt is easily extracted from the carpets for a superb result.

We also have all the stain removal products for commercial carpets, gum, coffee stains, ink stains, and more.

Of course, we adapt our working hours so as not to disturb the business activities of our customers. Our office carpet cleaning service is renowned in municipalities and various ministries and is appreciated for its excellent quality/price ratio.

Professional carpet cleaning

Once the stains are removed, the technicians will proceed with the appropriate mixture of products to clean your carpet.

They will then apply the cleaning product to your carpet, with one spraying the product and the other vigorously brushing the carpet to work the cleaning product deep into the fibers. Learn more about basic carpet cleaning, maintenance, and care, according to Health Canada.

Is steam cleaning good for carpets?

After a certain time, the product penetrates deep into the carpet, which can vary between 5 and 15 minutes.

The technicians will carry out a thorough cleaning of your carpet by steam extraction. Thus, thanks to a state-of-the-art machine, it will be able to remove all forms of bacteria, mites, and various other allergens from your carpet or rug.

The result is a carpet that looks new and smells fresh. Professional steam cleaning also eliminates dust mites that can cause allergies and asthma, giving you cleaner carpets.

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