10 Things You Must Do When You Visit Saudi Arabia

By Mazhar Abbas Jul7,2024
Saudi Arabia

The nation is a dynamic combination of history and advancement, and it is home to Mecca and Medina, the two holiest spots in Islam. The nation invites tourists from the entire world to discover its hidden treasures. There are endless things to experience in Saudi Arabia, ranging from sightseeing at numerous fascinating historical sites to experiencing vibrant cities like Jeddah and Riyadh. Here is a carefully selected collection of locations you just must see when visiting Saudi Arabia if you are travelling there on your first visit and want to get the best of your trip. There will be a mind-blowing venture, so pick the best Cheap Umrah packages from London, get your tickets, and gather your packs.

Ten Activities You Can Do In Saudi Arabia

Discover the lesser-known attractions in this area with our carefully chosen selection of South Arabia activities, which range from enjoyable to culinary.

1.     Tour the Al-Haram Mosque

The holy city of Mecca is home to the al-Haram Mosque, which Muslims regard as their most revered location on Earth. Over a million pilgrims can fit into this enormously popular mosque during the annual Hajj pilgrimage. This grand mosque presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for tourists. The black-draped Kaaba, the appearance of the mosque, is the fundamental fascination for a great many explorers every year. The mosque exudes a serene, deeply spiritual atmosphere. You can choose to honour the traditions or participate with the Muslims in the tawaf, or circumambulation, of the Kaaba. The Maqam Ibrahim and the Zamzam Well are two of the numerous sacred and historical sites that have great religious significance to Muslims. Al-Haram can get very crowded when it’s busy, so make reservations in advance.

2.     Consider the Kaaba

Mecca is a worshipped place for Muslims around the world because of the Holy Kabbah. Now, Visitors can see this holy place and its surroundings. Situated at the heart of the Grand Mosque, the Kaaba has a shaped-like cube edifice with a history that dates back to the Prophet Ibrahim’s time. It is thought that Hazrat Ibrahim and his son Ismael constructed it as a house of worship for the one true God.

You can participate in the tawaf, a custom in which millions of Muslims walk around the Kaaba seven times in a counterclockwise way when you visit the place of worship. You can also witness the five daily prayers, which are performed by Muslims from different parts of the world. The Kabbah is an incredibly intriguing sight, particularly when it’s being done as part of the Hajj. Since it is a rare encounter, seeing the sacred kabba ought to be on each Muslim’s list of things to get. When touring the Grand Mosque, visitors must honour the locals’ traditions and customs by wearing modest clothing.

3.     Explore the Blue World of the Fakieh Aquarium.

Entering the Fakieh Aquarium’s underwater realm is among the most thrilling activities available in Saudi Arabia. Established by Dr. Abdulaziz Fakieh, this enthralling aquatic paradise attracts tourists of all ages from all over the world. Here, large glass tubes allow you to get up close and personal with the aquatic world. With over 200 varieties of fish, including sharks, groupies, seahorses, dolphins, and Murray, this location is full of amazing sights to make your vacation unforgettable. When you visit this aquarium, you should definitely watch the dolphin show, since it’s its main draw.

4.     Hike To The Mountains of Tuwaik

Would you like to see an amazing vista from the edge of the world? In such case, embrace your inner adventurer and go out on a hike to the 1,131-meter-tall Tuwaik Mountain Range. This rocky cliff, about 100 kilometres from Riyadh, offers visitors jaw-dropping views decorated with golden sands. Hikers and photographers looking for an intriguing backdrop for exploration will find this place to be a paradise, as it is home to stunning canyons and enormous granite outcrops, marking one end of the Tuwaik Mountain Range. Experiencing its enduring charm is unquestionably one of the most daring things to experience in Saudi Arabia.

5.     Look at Fahd’s Fountain

The Guinness Book of World Records recognizes the world’s highest jet as one of Saudi Arabia’s outstanding wonders.” This fountain astounds tourists with its 260-meter height and 375-kilometer-per-hour water flow.  This location’s major draw is the fountain display in the evening, which is something you should definitely see and add to your list of things to do at night in Saudi Arabia. Because of the fountain show’s enormous aerial mass—which may reach a maximum of eighteen short tons—it is visible from all over Jeddah. Don’t forget to include Fahd’s Fountain show in your schedule when visiting Saudi Arabia.

6.     A Trip to the Desert

A thrilling involvement with Saudi Arabia is going on a desert safari between the taking-off hills and vast skylines of the Middle East’s golden desert. Morning, Daytime, and Overnight are the three options available in desert safari to suit your preferences. Besides, Jeddah, Riyadh, and Abha are the best locations for a desert safari. You can have excellent Arabic coffee, dates, and tea to enhance your safari experience. Fun activities like camel riding, skiing, sandboarding, bonfires, BBQ dinners, and camping are all included in each Safari package.

7.     Water Activities in the Red Sea

One of the best things to experience in Saudi Arabia is without a doubt to indulge in the water activities that are offered along the Red Sea shore. Both residents and visitors enjoy the lovely respite provided by the breathtaking seascape decorated with coral reefs and crystal-clear water for an enthralling day out. It offers a lovely escape. Whether you are travelling with family or friends, this location offers a full package of fun, whether your preference is to dive, swim, or snorkel instead of just kick back and relax on sandy beaches. During your visit, Obhur Beach, Farasan Island, Al Wajh Beach, Half Moon Bay, and Yanbu Corniche are the most important sites to discover.

8.     Take pleasure in the Kingdom’s traditional dishes

One of the things in KSA you absolutely must do is eat delicious traditional food. One of the most well-known dishes in the area is kabsa, which is served with a colorful variety of vegetables and is made with chicken or lamb that has been lightly seasoned. The famous Mandi dinner, which comprises of slow-cooked hamburger enhanced with different hot fixings and fragrant rice, is another priority dish on your menu. These are only a handful of the mouthwatering names from Saudi Arabia’s cooking customs. So, plan extra time when you visit Saudi Arabia to satisfy your appetite for the mouthwatering local cuisine.

9.     Exploring Art in Museums

Exploring artistic expressions is perhaps of the most captivating thing to do in Madinah, Saudi Arabia, from the dynamic city of Riyadh to the antiquated city of Jeddah. With its numerous exhibition halls, the country draws travelers and history lovers from everywhere in the world who are quick to see its extraordinary assortment of craftsmanship. These museums are a great place to explore and offer a fantastic escape for your inquisitive mind. They embrace the rich legacy and culture of the region’s history and contain a plethora of artefacts, exhibits, and fascinating insights. Therefore, don’t forget to include visiting this unique collection of museums on your agenda as it provides an intriguing look into the history of the area.

10.Discover the Marvels of AlUla

Explore the marvels of AlUla, tucked away in northwest Saudi Arabia, one of the top things to experience in Mecca. The Madain Salih is nestled in the mysterious Alula, a place that embraces ancient history with its elaborately carved rock tombs and façade. Deep dives into ancient treasures may be found here, making it a veritable paradise for history fans, explorers, and archaeology enthusiasts. Winter is the ideal season to experience the echoes of past times here. It’s also the perfect time to experience the mesmerizing Tantora annual festival, which offers travelers an amazing journey through a big celebration of music, arts, and culture.

Things to know about while making a trip

The area of Arabia is not difficult to move all over, with great streets, cheap gas, and a radiant environment. You can hire a car from several companies in Saudi Arabia and be on your way. Now that there’s your interest, let’s talk about connectivity, which is another crucial topic. Even though using a local SIM card or Wi-Fi is a convenient alternative for you, it exposes you to divulging private details in an unfamiliar location. You should not be concerned about where you will live during your trip. There are a few choices, for example, kofta meatballs, sheep shawarma, and Yemeni mandi rice, if you’re searching for exemplary Arabic cooking. In Saudi Arabia, you should get authorization before taking pictures of individuals.

Final Words

Due to its unique combination of modern cities and ancient desert dunes, Saudi Arabia is a destination that draws tourists from all over the world. Explore the painstakingly arranged list of attractions to encounter in Saudi Arabia above if you are booking an excursion there through a Hajj Umrah travel agency and need to limit your narrowing down of must-do activities to capitalize on your tour.

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